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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Hours of Operation: Call for Appointment – RV Park Host Gary, onsite #30 

Check In Time:  3pm         Check Out Time:  11am

If you are all checked in online and signed the rules feel free to go to your RV Spot and start hooking up. 

Laundry Time 8am-10pm

Speed Limit 5pm


Terms of Service:

When booking:  Total due for daily and $200 deposit due for weekly and monthly.  This amount will be credited to the amount due at check in.

At check in:  Balance due. Monthly rentals require full monthly rent and $200 deposit for deposit. Monthly rates are for a calendar month. 

We accept the following forms of payment:   Cash, Money Order, Credit Card, Cashier’s Check, business, or personal checks. If returned due to insufficient funds a fee of $35 will be charged. An active credit card is required to be on file.

Payment is due on the 1st of each month for monthly rentals. Cards will be charged at check out time.

Extension requests must be made prior to check out and must be approved by management to guarantee the current rate and is also subject to availability.

Management retains the right to fine, refuse service, or terminate a guests stay for any reason.

By law, Harvest Acres RV Park is a service orientated business and therefore we do not have a tenant/landlord relationship with any and all guests.  Should you violate to pay we retain the right to cut electrical, boot the RV and have it towed at the owner’s expense.

Rules violations of storage rentals are subject to termination.

All rules are subject to the managements discretion and all decisions are final. 

If removal  is requested by managment, no refund will be given. 



We reserve the right to refuse service/refunds to any rig based on age, appearance, and condition. Rv’s and vehicles must be in good working order and must be maintained. 


Cancellation and Refunds:

A $25 cancellation fee will be charged for DEPOSIT only payments. Higher payments are subject to higher cancellation fees due to additional processing fees. If reservation is cancelled fourteen (14) days prior to arrival the remaining deposit will be refunded, if cancelled after fourteen (14) but prior to check in and camping voucher will be issued on your account, this voucher will be valid for one (1) year from the original date of booking.  NO refunds will be given for no shows and the reservation will be subject to cancellation, no refunds will be given for early departures.   Should a mandatory evacuation event occur, vouchers may be provided.


Recreational Vehicles – Trailer Trailers, 5th Wheels, Class A, Class B and Class C

Site occupancy is assigned at check in unless otherwise agreed to at booking, based on site availability.

All vehicles must fit within the concrete pad site and not overflowing into lanes of traffic.

Additional parking is NOT permitted on empty sites at any time.  Unauthorized parking is subject to fees and towing.

No major repairs allowed, unless agreed to in advance by management. 

No excessive noise.

Management retains the right to fine, refuse service, or terminate an guests stay for any reason.

By law, Harvest Acres RV Park is a service orientated business and therefore we do not have a tenant/landlord relationship with any and all guests.  Should you fail to pay we retain the right to cut electrical, boot the RV and have it towed at the owner’s expense.

Harvest Acres is responsible for up to connections, anything beyond those connections are the responsibility of the guest.  Should systems of connections become damaged due to the guest or their property in any way, Harvest Acres will facilitate the repairs at the guest expense.   Should any utilities require repair, additions or alterations, the park has the right to disconnect them so that changes and repairs can be made.  In that event Harvest Acres will notify occupants when possible.  Harvest Acres is NOT responsible for any loss due to planned or emergency shutdowns. 

Properly size your electrical line for your unit.  

Black and gray water must be contained.

TEXAS LAW requires that a sewer hose must be fastened using a threaded connector or rubber donut.  It is mandatory that your sewer and/or water hose have a sewer connection attached to prevent sewer gases escaping.

No objects that resist water (including grease, plastics, disposable wipes, facial tissue, and tampons etc.) may be flushed or otherwise disposed of into the sewer system.

Exterior antenna’s including but not limited to TV, Ham, and CB antennas may not exceed the height of the guest recreational vehicle by more than twelve (12) feet. Satellite dishes must be approved by management and mounted on the RV.

Wi-Fi is allowed for email and browsing, streaming is not permitted.

All hookups provided by Harvest Acres shall not be altered, Harvest Acres recommends that guest obtain a GFCI protector for their protection and should they choose not to use a protector they release Harvest Acres from all liability. 

All RVs must be leveled and supported with the proper equipment. RVs should have RVIA certification. RVIA states that the rig complies with certain fire codes. Park model RVS not allowed.

All vehicles including RV, must have a current registration, inspections, and license plates.


Guests and Visitors:

All guests must be prepared to provide the following upon request.

i)                    Contact for guests and visitors’ information including cell phones.

ii)                  Payment information.

iii)                Proof of insurance for both RV and vehicles.

iv)                Proof of vaccination of pets (dogs and cats allowed).

Visitors and guests must comply with all rules and regulations.  Guests are responsible for the actions of their guest(s) and will be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by guest(s).  Visitors are not permitted to use the laundry facilities without management permission.

Visitors must leave the park by 10pm, unless approved by management.

 All guests and visitors should be courteous to others and treat others fairly and with respect.  Loud and disturbing behavior and noise will not be tolerated. Screaming, running, horseplay are not allowed in the recreational facilities.

Please leave the bathroom as you would wish to find it, clean and all trash picked up.   Please flush the toilet paper, do not dispose of used paper in the trash cans.


Smoking in common areas. All cigarette butts must be disposed of correctly, not on the ground. help maintain a clean and tidy park, by not littering.  Please dispose of trash in the proper manner. All garbage must be placed in plastic bags and kept inside of the RV until deposited in the dumpster.  No dumping of furniture, appliances, tires and paints is permitted. Trash from outside the park is NOT permitted, please notify the office. If you see anybody dumping trash who is not a resident of Harvest Acres.

No unsupervised fires are allowed.

No glass containers are allowed outside of RV.

Please close awnings, canopies, and umbrella’s when RV is unattended.  Strong winds can cause serious damage or loss of property.

All items outside of the RV must be contained, neat and orderly under the RV.  Otherwise, they must be approved by management, except for grills, patio chairs and décor.

No offensive décor is allowed and subject to managements discretions.

All cords, cables and hoses should be coiled and bundled on the pad, the park is not responsible for damages. 

No light duty extension cords allowed.

Holiday decorations MUST be removed within two (2) weeks of holiday.

Do not tamper with park property, this includes, landscaping, building, electrical and plumbing.  Help conserve electricity and water.

RV or RV lot may not be subletted.


No planting or digging allowed.   No disturbance to the existing trees or landscape of any kind such as nails, screws, posters, birdhouses etc.

No building or construction without approval.

No motorized vehicles permitted in grass areas.

Do not pour any substances out onto the park’s grounds.

Criminal and Safety:

In the event of an emergency, dial 911 first then inform the management.

The following are NOT permitted on property:

i)                    Unlawful weapons

ii)                  Pellet guns, bows and arrows, slingshots, crossbows

iii)                Fireworks and firecrackers

iv)                Anything that can be mistaken for a dangerous weapon

v)                  Dangerous Materials, such as anything that creates a threat to health and safety, no flammables, combustible or explosive fluid, material, chemical or substances (except those used for normal household purposes) any such materials must be properly stored within the RV or storage area and then only in reasonable quantities necessary for normal household purposes.

It is the responsibility of the guest to watch/supervise all visitors and children.  Children may not be left unattended, and all children must be accompanied by an adult. 

No soliciting, peddling, loitering, trespassing, or trading allowed in the park.

Criminal activity will not be tolerated, park will not be held responsible, and offenders will promptly be removed from the park and escorted out by law enforcement.

Guests and their visitors will abide by all laws, ordinances, and legal requirements.


Responsible pet ownership is important, and the following rules must apply.

i)                    We only welcome dogs and cats, breed restrictions apply. (NO agressive dogs) 

ii)                  All pets must be kept on leashes when walking.

iii)                No excessive barking is allowed.

iv)                Maximum of two (2) pets per unit and no animal is to be left outside the RV or unattended.  Texas Law deems it illegal to tie an animal outside for any length of time and violators are liable for fines up to and including $500 and imprisonment per offense.

v)                  No Aggressive dogs are permitted on property.

vi)                Pick up after your animal, and dispose of the waste properly, $50 fee if you are caught not picking up after your animal.

vii)              Pet owner is solely responsible for any damage done to persons or property by the pet.

viii)            All pets must wear a collar identifying the owner and phone number.


Harvest Acres does accept service animals. If your animal is classed as a service animal, you will be asked to provide the information upon check in.  We have worked with the ADA who has provided us with the information required to verify that your animal is a service dog. We will ask you two questions provided by the ADA that are both legal and acceptable to ask.

Gym Rules:

No food or gum, glass items or drinks without lids allowed in the gym area.

Wear proper footwear and clothing, no jewelry

Do not remove equipment from gym.

Do not deface or damage equipment.

Use safety mechanisms and a spotter when lifting.

Do not drop weights.

No horseplay, serious injury can occur.

Be considerate of others and share equipment/room.

Use proper techniques and above all else know  your limits.

Keep bags and personal items orderly so they do not pose a trip hazard.

Turn off fan prior to leaving

Wipe down all equipment after use.

Those under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Be alert and mindful of your surroundings.

Additional Rules for Storage Units:

Storage units are not included with your rental of the RV lot and must be purchased separately. Do not store hazardous materials, flammables, explosives, perishables, odorous materials, firearms, ammunition, drugs or illegal substances.

You may not live or operate a business or workshop out of your storage unit.

Locks must be presented at check-in, you will not be able to utilize your storage unit until one  is present, this is for your safety as well as Harvest Acres.  

Unit insurance is the sole responsibility of renter and is encouraged by Harvest Acres. Harvest Acres is not responsible for any damages incurred during rental period.  

In the event of a health issue, fire or for legal matters management may authorize cutting of  locks, and removing of property. 

Storage unit renters who are NOT residents of Harvest Acres are NOT permitted to use the laundry, recreation equipment such as pool table, games, gym, office or dumpster.

Payment is due on the 1st of each month; it is considered late and will be subject to a late fee of $25 per day.  If payment is not received by the 3rd, or if there is any unauthorized use, unit can be subject to a management lock, a lien and the property could be seized and sold as  payment.   A fifteen (15) days’ notice will be sent in person, by mail or by email based on information provided to Harvest Acres, prior to the sale of the items in storage unit. Notice of sale will then be posted or published and in ten (10) or fifteen (15) days respectively, the items will be sold.  Payment automatically renews for the following month unless 10 days’ notice to vacate is given. Your first month is pro-rated, your last month is not.  At the time of reservation, a $200 deposit will be due, the remainder is due at check in.

By accepting these rule and regulations and/or by entering the property, you agree to be responsible for the conduct and actions of the ones staying at the property and visitors you bring onto the property. And release Harvest Acres RV Park from any and all claims, weather that be injury, damages or loss.  The rules and regulations and any changes made  will be attached on your invoices. 

Please take a moment to review and sign the park rules, we want your stay to be an enjoyable experience, if you have any issues, we want to know about them. If we don’t know about them, we can’t resolve them, we are here to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

By making a reservation I acknowledge that I have read and understand and agree to the terms of the Rules and Regulations of Harvest Acres RV Park and Mini Storage.

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